Norsan Omega-3 Total

Norsan Omega-3 Total

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Our Norsan Omega-3 Total comes as 200 ml high dosage natural wild caught fish oil in combination with organic extra virgin cold pressed olive oil as antioxidant. No concentrates or esters were added.

One daily dose provides 2,000 mg omega-3-fatty acids.

Our liquid oil can be easily added to any daily dishes as dressing to salads or as ingredient of a smoothie.

Norsan Omega-3 Total fish oil comes from sustainable fishing. It is purified from toxins, heavy metals and PCBs.  

Nutritional facts

Content per daily dose of 8 ml:

fish oil 5,3 g*, olive oil 1,8 g*, -saturated fat 1,7 g*, mono unsaturated fat 2,6 g*, poly unsaturated fat 2,4 g*, omega-3 2,0 g*, EPA 1152mg*, DPA 112mg*, DHA 496mg*, Vitamin D3, 25µg/1000IU* (*no recommendation for daily intake available, **250% of daily recommended intake)

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